Our Fleet

Our fleet includes a range of purpose built vessels which are well equipped and fitted out to provide reliable service for delivery of much needed goods and services to remote communities or undeveloped locations, predominantly in the Pacific region and PNG.

Capable of delivering 100's of tonnes of equipment and supplies as part of regular or specialised services, we are committed to quality outcomes that the people in these regions can rely on.

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 Fleet Management

Our role as fleet managers includes provision of procurement, asset management, and revenue control. Additionally we train and develop crews and vessel managements systems from start up through to working systems.

Our fleet management program uses industry and world best practices and offers complete transparency for our clients across multiple jurisdictions.

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We are working hand in hand with government to implement infrastructure development policies and programs. These start with beach landing capabilities to full wharf and cargo handling points that offer off loading and discharge.

As experienced infrastructure developers we offer a comprehensive development model to create working and trading maritime infrastructure. This model begins with virgin land or upgrading existing trade points to increase real capacity and material handling logistics.

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The team at Sierra Fleet Services are focused and experienced professionals who understand the need to build capacity in Island communities and developing trade links.

Our planning and design knowledge is available to our clients as primary support tool for turning a policy into a project and in turn, turning a project into real and meaningful opportunities for trade and commerce.

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 Project Funding

Project Funding Through our network of banks, venture capitalists and inter government agencies we provide much needed access to project funding.

Access to funding supports infrastructure development, equipment purchases and working capital for short and long cash cycles. Learn more about how our project funding network can assist you.

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The new frontiers are no longer geographic, but economic.

PNG is an exciting land of new economic frontiers with the creation of new industries and services that have not existed before in regions that are remote and forbidding. Our new frontier enterprises seeks to bring a new industry to a region hungry for development. The foundation of that is after the road comes electricity then services then trade and opportunities.

To a resource rich Island nation where ipads and tribal customs juxtapose, Sierra Fleet Services and it's partners create, deliver and maintain these new industries in the new frontiers.

The oceans between our great nations are economic frontiers that can create wealth and prosperity for those who want to challenge them.

In the case of Governments it is part of a larger maritime industry development where we manage and hand over an asset (fleet) over a period of years (5) whilst establishing funding banks to purchase a new fleet every 5 years.

A Government such as a PNG province buys a fleet of boats but does have the capacity to run it or manage it, we build capacity by training and micro management of the asset for a period of time with an extraction plan and thereby building capacity.

Additionally to supplying products and training, Sierra Fleet Services will maintain all products supplied through a management contract to ensure the products life expectancy is reached.

This removes the responsibility of the owners having to maintain a vessel for the period of the contract, which can be a complicated process. Our company holds a full range of spares for each vessel we deliver and can monitor maintenance scheduling.

Sierra Fleet Services will send specialist mechanics in for major repairs or heavy maintenance. Our proposed new facility will greatly improve maintenance in the maritime industry throughout PNG due to the products and services we provide.