Consultancy Services from Sierra Fleet Services

How can professional consultancy from Sierra Fleet Services value add to PNG's development?

Quality consultancy by trained professionals is an essential element of increasing the range of knowledge and skills available to developing countries for solving complex development and management issues. Consultants who add value aren't the type to simply offer motherhood statements attached to unachievable action plans.

Instead they bring to the table experience, empathy and a determination to succeed on front line issues, whilst ensuring their work supports the achievement of bigger picture issues that benefit the country as a whole. Quality consultancy also brings with it a depth of knowledge in problem solving and a broad network base from which to draw on additional knowledge, skills and professional relationships to overcome operational hurdles for results that actually make a difference in real time. Anything less is unacceptable in our view.

How can building capacity in island communities and developing trade links be beneficial?

Sierra Fleet Services also recognises the need for quality consultancy in PNG to overcome many of the entry and liaison hurdles faced by energetic international companies that want to lend their assistance to PNG, but otherwise lack understanding of how to relate to the major issues faced by PNG as a nation.

Sierra Fleet Services consultancy professionals have the capacity to bridge the cultural gaps, manage productive outcomes and develop sound working relationships with these companies. The net result being that the projects we're involved with achieve more predictable and reliable outcomes, which in turn promotes the prosperity of PNG.

This type of specialised service builds capacity in communities and goes a long way to breaking down the barriers to inter island, inter province and international trade because the skills used by our consultants are passed onto the people we consult to. Empowering our clients with the knowledge and skills to deal with issues associated with trade leads to a more prosperous and self reliant population that relies less on external bias for setting market trends or capturing opportunities as they present.

What are the long term benefits to trade in Papua New Guinea?

At Sierra Fleet Services the aim of our consultancy service is to work alongside our clients, to share the journey with them and to teach them what they need to know to become self reliant over time. We then become a valuable member of the team and a trusted resource to call on. Our investment over the last 20 years to understand the trade culture of PNG means we are well placed to identify with the issues facing business in PNG today.

The wide range of knowledge and experience we offer, allows us to deliver quality consultancy services to all levels of government and to corporates. We are also able to assist groups of island and provincial small to medium business people who make use of government business development programs and who seek to develop trade links that improve the quality of life for their immediate community. The application of these skills translates to effective and purposeful management of projects and real opportunities.

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