Fleet Management with Sierra Fleet Services

Why is quality fleet management important for PNG?

The importance of a reliable fleet that delivers on its contract promises cannot be overstated. The need for reliable performance of the operation and fleet equipment becomes even more evident in supporting the significant works underway to develop and refurbish the infrastructure of Papua New Guinea. As a result quality fleet management has become an integral element of driving progress forward and for government and corporates to maintain credibility.

How does SFS fleet management support PNG's development?

The ability to add a bolt on management function on demand that also understands the dynamics of the PNG infrastructure development environment can mean the difference between delivering project outcomes on time or not. Failure to deliver on project or contract outcomes, because of unnecessary failures, impacts negatively on the people who most need successful outcomes from infrastructure development projects; the people of PNG.

Sierra Fleet Services aims to reduce the risk profile typically attributed to the management of fleet equipment through the use of world best practice management techniques. This involves taking care of all aspects of fleet management including the procurement of equipment, management of the assets, training personnel, tracking asset performance and revenue control.

How does SFS fleet management value add to client operations?

Our fleet management services are delivered under agreement. SFS manages our client fleets and builds business systems that support the fleet operation for up to 5 years, before handing the working model over to our clients to self manage. Our clients include international corporates operating in PNG as well as national and provincial governments.

During our contract tenures we build knowledge and skills by training management, skippers, engineers, deck hands, and all support staff. The empowerment of our clients is paramount to the long term success they can enjoy. The knock on effect benefits PNG people and government for generations to come.

Added to these benefits are the predictable and profitable outcomes developed for our clients. Revenue control ensures best practice internationally recognised accounting methods are employed for long term sustainable growth and financial stability. Our focus on building a strong business, which pays its way and which benefits the community it serves makes it possible for all who participate to realise their investment of effort goals.

The tangible outcomes achieved through the use of quality fleet management practices also include the peace of mind achieved for our clients and the ongoing confidence they develop over our tenures to engage in complex projects that rely heavily on the effective and reliable performance of fleet equipment and the business model supporting operations.

To find out more about how Sierra Fleet Services can assist with your fleet management requirements please contact us.