Infrastructure Services with Sierra Fleet Services

What does infrastructure development mean to PNG?

Good quality infrastructure is a key ingredient for sustainable development. All countries need efficient transport, sanitation, trade and communications systems if they are to prosper and provide a decent standard of living for their populations.

Unfortunately, many developing countries like Papua New Guinea possess poor infrastructure, which hampers their growth and ability to trade with each other through inter island or provincial trading and as part of the wider global economy. Added to this are the pressures being placed on PNG of rapid development which are causing exponential degradation of existing infrastructure.

How is Sierra Fleet Services helping with infrastructure development?

Sierra Fleet Services and its management have had a vested interest in PNG for over 20 years, and is continuing to work cooperatively on government initiatives targeting specific areas that have the potential to limit sustainable growth.

PNG's major areas of need are its main road network, ports and in servicing the rapidly increasing demands placed on infrastructure services to deliver equitable long term prosperity to a decentralised population. Historically tribal, many Papua New Guineans live outside metropolitan population centres. Sierra Fleet Services has taken on the responsibility of ensuring these people prosper by providing services that deliver access to water, housing, medical aid, building materials, tools and equipment.

How important is it for Papua New Guinea to have good quality infrastructure?

Put simply, without good quality infrastructure PNG will not be able to sustain development at the rate it needs to. Maximising PNG's potential as a trading entity in the global economy requires refurbishment of roads and ports and stabilising supply of basic commodities for all Papua New Guineans, regardless of where they live in the country.

What infrastructure development expertise does Sierra Fleet Services offer?

Sierra Fleet Services understands Papua New Guinea and its people. With over 20 years of experience in addressing the issues faced by PNG Sierra Fleet Services is well placed to offer results driven and professional project management and resource coordination services. Sierra Fleet Services is also an expert in the delivery of marine logistics which ensure a stable and reliable supply of basic commodities and support large scale infrastructure works projects.

Involved to get results that make a difference

PNG needs solutions, not empty promises.

PNG needs skilled people committed to the prosperity of the country and well being of its people. Sierra Fleet Services is a company committed to meeting these needs and tackling the pressing development issues head on in cooperation with the PNG government and other like minded corporations.

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